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My take on the “French Lover”

Benjamin Millepied & his wife Nathalie Portman

I was interviewed by Eloïse Daviaud for the NT1 show En Mode Gossip, about the French Lover. It seems the French are enchanted that Hollywood is gaga for several hommes français that are infiltrating the star system over on the sunny Californian coast. I have to say, Guillaume Canet, Jean Dujardin, Benjamin Millepied and those other Frenchies are dashing and droll, and they certainly export a different type of romance, one that is suave and charming, and has less of those heroic-savior-of-the-world proportions that we so often see in American film characters/stars.

Most of the interview was not used, since I suppose my true opinion didn’t fit in to their subject… Actually what I said was that the French Lover was really just a myth, and one that is propagated by Hollywood and the media, but that the true seducer in France, is la française! Yep, the French woman. She allows this myth about her male counterpart to go on, as it serves her well (meaning le French Lover has a good opinion about himself and thus makes a better lover) but in reality SHE is the one doing the seducing. And monsieur French Lover has no idea that he is not running the show!

So see me interviewed on the link below, on the episode of En Mode Gossip that aired on April 14th, around the 29:00 minute.


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