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Most Romantic Spot in Paris : Tempting by Taste

In continuing with my first post of musings upon the most romantic place in Paris… I assume that many people equate romance with dining, dating and the ritual of eating together as a delightful delectable experience.
One of my favorite places to eat out for either breakfast or dessert is chez Ladurée. Nothing says “Paris romance” like a sultry pile of sweet things to eat or at least oggle. Because romance is in fact fueled by a temptation of desires, n’est-ce pas?!? So tasting something delicious is sort of a prelude to those delicious feelings that one feels with a person who ignites our desire.


As for a romantic restaurant… I have been told by a certain “expert” that La Perouse is the most romantic. She explained that this is because of the private salons where one can dine in ultimate privacy. Oooooh la la chéri! Romantic…yes. Sexy?!? …OUI! Excellent advice from the burlesque diva!
One spot that I like to think of as romantic, is the restaurant where Chéri and I had dinner on our first date, L’Entracte, which is just accross the street from the Opéra Garnier, my favorite monument in Paris. It is romantic to me because of the stunning view but also most certainly because it is in fact this is where he first wowed me with his conversation and wit and I’ve been hooked ever since!
I did throw Chéri an ultra romance-filled birthday last year that you can read about here. And while, delightful things to savour, a fancy hotel and a bar with an incredible view ARE classically romantic… there is something cozy and intimate as well about our Sunday morning breakfast-in-bed ritual at home that also begs to be counted among the romance options,( even though we are unesthetically clad in our pyjamas with unkempt hair and sleep in our eyes). Ah! True love!
There is also the ultra-cosy Un Dimanche à Paris, a chocolate shop / salon de thé / cocktail lounge where you can sip fabulous chocolate inspired cocktails among other things. Upstairs there is the velvety ambiance of the bar where you can linger on a plush divan with your lover in the low lighting and the heady effectfs of cacao…



It is true that instigating the papilles (tastebuds…it just sounds better in French) does act as a lovely prelude to enticing the rest of all that goes with the feelings of romance. It must be why so many people partake in the act of eating, drinking and tasting when out on a romantic or potentially romantic experience toghether!

Where do you dine romantically, or where do you wish to dine romantically in the City of Love?

Stay tuned for the next post in this series…which explores art and romance!


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