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I was introduced via twitter to a site called Red Bubble. A place where designers and creatives can create products with their own designs, and *gasp* sell them! I LOVE the concept! Being a creative junkie myself, and always hungry to « make » something…I hoped on that bandwagon in a Paris minute.

So far I only have a few iphone cases designed, but I hope to soon add more.

Iphone case deisgn by Prête-Moi Paris -TM
iphone case deisgn by Prête-Moi Paris -TM

As many of you bloggers out there know, owning and curating a site like this takes a lot of extra cash, and time (and time= money, as they say)…and sometimes it is nice to have a little bit of a return on the investment. And what’s even better is that I get to be creative in the meantime!

Check back often on my Reb Bubble shop and see if I have added anything new. I will surely let you know here if I do!

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  1. Love the concept!! And love your phone cases!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    A bientot!

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