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Tea adventures with Mariage Frères

I love tea. But if you have been following me for sometime now…you know that already!!
I LOVE Mariage Frères tea. Aesthetic and refined, it is the perfect example of French tea. The Mariage family that began the company that is now known as Mariage Frères (since 1854 on rue Bourg-Tibourg) had been in the tea trade since the late 17th century.
Mariage Frères is a French tea brand that makes classic and specialty teas and tea products. If you have never tried their teas, you should.
They just recently launched a new tea flavor that intrigued me, by its very name alone : Full Moon Party tea. For the mad hatter in me, this sounded like just the perfect tea for my next unbirthday party. Chéri and I took a Sunday stroll the other day to the Marias and stopped in the Mariage Frères boutique on rue Bourg-Tibourg to give it a taste at the salon de thé. I drank nearly a whole pot (but then I do that every morning when I wake up!) of the Full Moon Party tea and Chéri had a glass of iced Havana French Summer tea.

The Full Moon Party tea has a strong flavor of almond, infused with honey, vanilla and just a slight hint of the faintest rose. It also had a light golden color after it was infused to perfection by the gentleman who waited on us. It’s a slightly sensual tea with a bit of mystery to it’s flavor. The Havana French Summer iced tea was quite refreshing, with a lovely sepia color that made it seem more like a pretty potion rather than an iced tea, and is also charged with antioxydants. Its flavors include hibiscus, sunflower, pomegranate and goji berries.


I brought home the Full Moon Party tea in the green leaf option so that I can have it after dinner and not be kept awake all night staring at the moon. I love the decoration on the canister it came in, the fun font used and the fantastical images tickle my soul.


In keeping with the mystical tea theme and Mariage Frères’ idea of a “tea apothecary” (like it’s an herbal medicine cabinet or a alchemists workshop) we stumbled upon another blend called “Black Magic” that delighted us to no end, for its presentation (in a hand blown black glass har), its name, and of course its scent smooth yet fruity, with bergamote and berries. The perfect smooth morning tea to wake up with. Plus the box is so pretty I put it on a console table in the living room as decoration.

But my favorite tea still remains their Esprit Noël. I could drink pots of it all day long if I were allowed to.


  1. During my very first visit to Paris, when everything was so fresh and dreamy and full of wonder, I came across their store on the Left Bank and fell in love with it. I purchased a few things including their tea blend called French Breakfast. It was delicious and interesting and perfect for those times when I wanted to be reminded of how cool Paris was.

    Although its price has gone up faster than crude oil over the years, I still treat myself sometimes and it always brings back great memories. And I still love simply walking into one of their stores to take in the smells and sights of it all. A very special company with some very special products!

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