Bon Plan Budget Fashion French Mode

French fashion on a budget!

There is a small brand that I have always liked, that I often find for sale at some of my local destock stores in the Daumesnil neighborhood. It’s simple yet chic an not expensive : Autre Ton.

Well I was delighted to learnt that they did a little collaboration with Monoprpix, the local grocery/home goods chain (comparable to Target stores in the USA, I would say). Normally I don’t purchase clothing at Monoprix, albeit a simple tee shirt here and there, tights or every-day undergarments. But when my mother-in-law chérie gave me a little blouse and short combo before the wedding, I noticed that tags said “Monoprix Autre Ton” and thought : Hey! These are pretty cute! Need to invstigate more!

So a few days into the national sales period, I hopped over to Monoprix on my way home from work, an browsed the Monoprix Autre Ton collection. It’s the perfect little marina-sea-side-vacation-pretend-you-are-from-Normandy collection!

I bought a few more items to add to what my belle-mère had given me; things that can be mixed and matched in preparation for our honey moon in August!

There’s a pair of white linen capri pants, a simple navy blue t-short (always useful), a striped tank top (stripes are très français non? 😉 a red cardigan that is super soft and perfet for the evening when the temperatire drops on the sea side town, and a romper, for cruising around the hotel (it can be considered offensive to walk around in one’s bathing suit unless being physically on the beach). These mixed with the blue knee-length shorts an the ruffled sleeveless blouse I got from mommy-in-law, toped with a pair of shades and a short-rimmed panama hat, and I am set for a sea-side vacation!!! I can’t wait!

Grab some while the sales period is on! It’s a great discount on already decently priced simple yet hic fashion! The official sales go until July 31st 2012.

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