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Paris Wedding : Sugarplum Circus Wedding Cake

So, of COURSE I would be getting our wedding cake from the Sugarplum Cake Shop!!! I mean, they have been my FAVORITE cake shop in Paris since they opened!!!! And Laurel, Krista and Taylor are some of the world’s greatest ladies and fantastic team where each member compliments the others to create a totally dynamic, balanced and talented trio.
I love these ladies!
There was no question about it, Sugarplum Cake Shop was where I’d get my wedding cake.

The first meeting with Laurel was to start the order, and determine the basic shape of this cake.
We played around with the styrofoam cut outs to brainstorm, and I brought some fabric swatches of the colors to be used in our wedding decoration. We talked about the style of decoration we were looking for, maybe some bunting, maybe some stripes…and what the Sugarplums had for ideas as well for our circus themed wedding cake.

Laurel suggesting an idea for the top of the cake.

And then, on the second meeting, Laurel, dropped a GIANT surprise on me… She said that the three of them had put their heads together and had come up with THE idea to out-do all circus themed wedding cakes ever!
And then she showed me this :

Krista’s first sketch

I was was OVER-THE-MOON ECSTATIC!!! I mean LOOK at it!!! We were now going to have a cake on top of an elephant on top of a ball. The idea was beyond my wildest cake dreams! This would be a production of a cake to say the least. The elephant and ball being made from Styrofoam and fondant (otherwise the cake would be too heavy and squash under its own weight). When I saw their idea, I was beyond thrilled! These girls are so incredibly creative. I never would have thought up that kind of cake on my own!

This cake, the mother of all circus themed cakes, requires a bit of construction and some handy-woman skillzzzz. A special pipe has been ordered to run up the middle of the “factice” part of the oeuvre, along with specific joints to screw it into a base board for the bottom of the entire thing, and a smaller base board that will be on the Elephant’s back to hold the edible part of the cake that is a tiered cake. And the elephant itself had to e sculpted out of a block of Styrofoam. No easy feat!

Sugarplum Cake Shop – photo : Krista Juacek
Sugarplum Cake Shop – photo : Krista Juacek

And then Krista told me her ideas for the cake decoration. The bunting idea was COMPLETELY forgotten. Her idea can be describe as (in her own words) “as if some one took a circus and shook it out on top of the cake!” I LOVED the idea before she could get the entire sentence out!

When I saw the final produc, on my wedding day (June 21st 2012) I was émerveillée, astounded, over joyed, ravie beyond measure!!!! The cake was fantastic, perfect, fun, and a MAJOR hit among our guests who couldn’t believe their eyes!!! It was way better than the pièce montée that was provided by the reception hall! More creativty and love and fun and thought went into that cake than any other edible thing at our wedding! I loved it.

I’d like to thank the Sugarplums for such an amazing masterpiece. They put so much work into it, and I am truly blessed to have such talented ladies who are able to make my cake dreams come true!!!

Sugarplum Cake Shop – photo : Krista Juacek

Sugarplum Cake Shop, 68 rue Cardinal Lemoine 75005, Paris France


  1. That is such a fun cake, and I really love of this shop, never been to it, but someday I will!!!
    Congrats on your special day!

  2. I adore this cake! I visit Paris often and stay across the street from Sugarplum at Hotel Grandes des Ecoles. It is such a charming place and I love to go inside and have a cafe creme and a delicious treat. Trop Belle Sugarplum!

  3. This is such a very creative and well-crafted cake! Thanks for this idea. I can have a similar cake for my kid’s Madagascar themed birthday party next month!

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