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Caron, perfume and powder for a century

The perfume house of Caron has been around for over one hundred years. A small but respected entity, it was created in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff, a chemist from a family of perfume artists. He teamed up with his brother Raoul and Félicie Wanpouille who had been a popular dress maker and stylist. Together they began an enterprise that is still going strong today and seems to grow in prestige every year.

Caron perfumes was known for their concept scents, with names that drew attention, such as : “N’aimez que Moi” (Love Only Me) created in 1916, or in 1934 “Pour un Homme” (For a Man). This house is also known for its incredibly fine cosmetic powder which they began to create in the 1930’s.

The nose behind the famous scents for the past 30 years has been Richard Fraysse who believes in unique perfumes, creates only and exclusively for Caron perfumes. One of the major essences used in Caron perfumes is from Bulgarian roses, a delicate  flower that needs to be grown with consistent soil conditions, and it is also used to fragrance their powders. Other scents well known to the house such lily or jasmin are found frequently as notes in their different perfumes. Mr Fraysse’s creation of which he is the most proud is the scent he created in the year 2000, “Lady Caron”, based on magnolias. For him it was an hommage to Ernest Daltroff as well as to America, the country that welcomed the founder of Caron during his escape from Nazism and World War II.

I was introduced to Caron products about a year ago from someone who knows more about French luxury products than I do!, and I have fallen for the luxurious face powders. They are so fine it’s like wearing silk on the skin. I used to wear Chanel or Lancôme powders but ever since I discovered Caron, I can’t stand the heaviness that I feel from the other brands. Caron’s powders are said to be the finest in the world, and it shows (I mean feels).

Photo by : Amy Punky Photo

But the house goes beyond just perfumes and powders, they offer all sorts of beautiful cosmetic accessories, hand painted porcelain containers, Baccarat crystal jars, bejewelled or pearl encrusted compacts and bottles, hand made fans and shawls each with more intricate detail than the last. It’s like ogling a a queen’s portion of a spread of sensory-desserts, if-you-ill, when visiting a Caron boutique. Everything is so pretty so tactile and smells so divine! It is the most feminine of places you could imagine, so gentlemen of little patience abstain. 😉

There is a boutique in New York (Phyto Universe in NYC on 58th and Lexington), and two in Paris at 90 Rue du Faubourg SaintHonoré (just across the street from the presidential palace, or 34 Avenue Montaigne on one of the most select streets for shopping in Paris! Treat yourself to an indulging visit next time you are in town… ♥

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