Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY bottle labels

So, you may guess that this DIY post is for the bon-bon bar. I will be having a spouted glass vat with a punch drink for people to serve themselves with from the candy bar, and in the DIY spirit of my wedding decoration, I thought it would be appropriate to allow the guests to elaborate they own cocktail themselves. So I have two bottles of flavored syrup found at the boutique Alice Delice. One red, one blue, perfect colors for my circus wedding reception theme!

So here’s what I did to make my customized spouted bottles.

I found some inexpensive spouted bottles at a kitchen supply store, and took the spouts out to use in the flavored bottles I got from Alice Délice.

I designed (on Gimp, my favorite image modifying program – it’s open source and free!) my little bottle labels, which I am offering to you here ( click on the images, save and print). I cut them out and glued them over the already existing label, and then stuck the spout in the bottle top!

And voilà!

So simple; très cheap, and totally customized for my event!

Enjoy making your own and if you do, send me a picture or link!

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