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  1. One day 🙂 Until then I shall keep reading your blog 🙂

  2. Aah, you’ve captured some very ‘Parisian’ moments there Melissa. So, you’re a bus person, are you? I’ve always been more a a metro soul, moi.

    By the way, have you fixed the dates for your boating regata yet? We can put it on the Paris If You Please meet up page any time you like.

    1. Hello Sab!
      Yes, I do prefer the bus as it allows me to see Paris while commuting, but I do take the metro for the most part of my needs since it is faster.
      I will email you about the row boat regatta dates!

  3. This reminds me how much I love just “being” in Paris. Just left. Ready to go back.

  4. I miss Paris like crazy. I feel like all I did was commute from classes to teaching to bed. Must go back and do more.

  5. Oh Paris. Can’t wait to be there in two short weeks!!

  6. Le Marais is so lively and trendy! You always have something to do here, no wonder why it is called “The Village”! You might be interested in discovering our favorite addresses in The Marais.

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