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Amaya Arzuaga – AW1213 #PFW

Guest post by Noelle Verhelst

Amaya Arzuaga

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When you picture a Paris Fashion Week show, what comes to mind?  Probably a glamorously intimidating scene from The Devil Wears Prada; in which you feel like you’re dressed like a million dollars, but then arrive and realize how terribly un-chic you are compared to the editor next to you.  Having been my first true invitation-only Paris Fashion Week show, Amaya Arzuaga’s did nothing but live up to every cinematic fantasy I had!  Dressed to the nines, I felt like Anna Wintour cutting to the front of the crowd to hand the bouncer my invitation.

Set in the Spanish embassy on George V, in which the designer said she had chosen because she “loves Spain and the architectural aspect of the building”, the opulent decor itself brought an air of exclusivity to the show.  Upon entering the embassy’s foyer, guests were greeted with glasses of wine made at the designer’s family vineyard in Spain.  The show began with luxuriously draped knitwear paired with meticulously tailored trousers that screamed chic and classic. Accented by the interior paintings and wall decorations, Arzuaga masterfully used primary reds, blues, greens, and hints of yellow in every piece.  Structured garments and clean architectural lines were themes that seamed the transition from day wear to evening wear.  The models, wearing their hair in low pony tails accompanied by dewy skin, looked sleek in floor length long sleeved cashmere dresses.  With low cut back lines the garments exuded a refined but sexy style.  Amaya Arzuaga has clearly mastered the technique of feminine waistlines and low cut arm holes that reveal just enough skin to make a woman feel fashion forward and beautiful.  Worn with every look was a pair of black patent streamline heels that picked up on the primary colors used (green platforms, red straps, and blue heels).  After seeing those it would be hard to wear anything from the collection without them, as they brought an  understated edge to the clothing!  Arzuaga ended her collection with dramatic floor length gowns crafted from plum colored cashmere that hugged the body until just above the knees where black tulle then flared into a trumpet shape. The collection left the audience counting down the days to Fall!

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