Étiquette : Amaya Arzuaga

Amaya Arzuaga – AW1213 #PFW

Guest post by Noelle Verhelst Amaya Arzuaga Photo : broken-cookies.com When you picture a Paris Fashion Week show, what comes to mind?  Probably a glamorously intimidating scene from The Devil Wears Prada; in which you feel like you’re dressed like a million dollars, but then arrive and realize how terribly un-chic you are compared to the editor next to you.… Read more →

Waves of change – Les vagues de la transformation

Prête-à-Porter Spring/Summer 2011 fashion week opened up in Paris yesterday with a slow saunter. Among the afternoon and evening défilés there were some interesting things to see from Spanish designer Amaya Arzuaga and Portuguese Designer best known for her most-expensive-bathing-suit-in-the-world (year 2000), Fatima Lopes. Arzuaga explored the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly with geometrical cuts and very textured… Read more →

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