Setting the romantic scene in Paris

Valentines day is coming up… and although many of the French still pooh-pooh this Hallmark holiday, it is catching on for quite a few of them. Restaurants, bars, hotels and other services will are starting to offer special Valentines day deals (and generally jack up the price). Last year Chéri and I had a little dinner out at the restaurant where we went on our first date (right next to the Opéra de Paris, my favorite monument of Paris). There was no Valentines day special there that night, and that was just fine with us, since it was like we had a little romantic secret that the rest of the other people there dining did not. Of course this is most likely untrue…but that’s how it felt at our window corner seat table for two with the glowing Opera house smiling back at us. And that is how I feel Valentines should be. A feeling of shared complicity with your loved one… A secret display of affection… as opposed to a giant over-the-top public publication of desire or love (which although if tastefully done is not completely out of the question!) So… I have found just the thing for all of you to do in Paris to help celebrate intimately your feelings with your chéri :

I met Sofiane of Ambiancity at a recent tweet up (that I wrote about here) and was instantaneously enthralled by his business. He offers « Romantic Room Design » in your hotel room or your appartment that transforms your hotel room into a « romantic getaway ».

Sofiane is a soft spoken, earnest and authentic individual who immigrated to France from Algeria when he was in his twenties. He has worked in finance as well as the hotel industry, but wanted to work for himself and be his own boss, which is why he started his business Ambiancity. He has so lots of creativity and is always searching for that novel idea that can bring a better experience to his clients. His service has a charming little « kitchiness » to it which I find to be fun and totally NOT uptight! It is also creative, cheeky and carries the element of surprise which is oh so important when it comes to romance! Sofiane knows a little about romance himself. He speaks about his wife and son with the utmost affection.

Browse his website and find something to surprise your loved one for Valentines day or any day of the year. Product prices start at 29€!

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  1. wow this is really neat! what an inspiring story too – there are so many creative people who don’t think to start up their own business. glad he did 🙂

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