Claudine Ivari, In the Couture Category

Claudine Ivari, a young and very talented designer whom I discovered this past September, offered a presentation at her boutique in the Ritz hotel during the couture fashion week last month in Paris. I felt it was fitting for her to at least show a small part of her collection to the public since, as I have said before, her work is essentially couture although she presents her collections at the prête-à-porter fashion week. So many many hours of work go into each piece, and they all have such an undeniable quality of design as well as fabrication that they just deserve to be shown durring couture week!

There was one new piece that was not in her défilé last Fall, and was meant to debut at couture week, that is as glamourous as it is silky. It is shown in brown here, but she does accept client requests for different colors. The very skin-baring back has a strip of alligator leather running down the spine. It’s modern, daring and gorgeous!

And then of course, I got to get up close and almost personal with some of the pieces that I loved from the Spring 2012 collection. There is nothing so stunning as a well made luxurious garment. It’s all in the small details… Two words : Hand stitched. Enough said.

Claudine Ivari Update ! Actres ALEXANDRA LAMY wore a creation of Claudine to premier of her film Les Infidèles, Fabruary 14th 2012 in Paris.

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  1. 12 février 2012 at 13:36

    It looks like she has beautiful pieces! Thank you for sharing!!
    I’ll keep my eyes open for her name now!… 😉


  2. 13 février 2012 at 00:22

    Beautiful gowns. You can really see the craftsmanship!

  3. 20 février 2012 at 21:41

    Absolutely gorgeous gowns!!

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