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Stars, Stripes and Burgers in Paris

A large brasserie between Bastille and Gare de Lyon called Les Atleliers recently put on a new outfit as an an American burger joint : US Ateliers. Maybe they are trying to ride the wave that the Ralph Lauren restaurant brought last year when it opened up. But these people took the idea to heart, and plastered the place with stars stripes and images of American money. It’s almost grotesque but I found my curiosity drawing me there like some kind of innate magnet. Must be the call of comfort food… I figure since I live here, I am forgiven if I crave it now and then. I mean, it’s not like I came here for five days or so and was on the hunt for “USA Pizza” in the land of snails, quail and stinky cheese. 😉 LOL! Anyway I am lactose intolerant in the worst way so that cuts out the cheese, and the butter soaked snails for me. 🙁



Under the pretense of testing to see if they really made a good burger I allowed myself to enter. It’s giant inside, there is room for groups to dine together, and if they are smart they will offer a Thanksgiving meal. Their restaurant will be packed for sure because not many other places will accept large parties on Thanksgiving in Paris.

Anyway, we were shown to our table by a friendly Frenchman. We walked by the typical Americana item : a jukebox… I forgot to ask if it worked. And just in case we didn’t realize that we were in an “American” restaurant, our menus reminded us : they also were smeared in stars and stripes, red white and blue.


I of course ordered a burger and a bud beer. Chéri ordered a tex mex salad and a mexican beer. The waiter forgot to ask how I wanted my burger done, and I forgot to tell him, and then when he brought our food he gave chéri an italian salad instead of a tex mex salad. But Chéri didn’t bother to say anything. My burger was too raw for my taste but was still delicious. I wouldn’t say it’s the best burger I have ever had, but it was decent. I liked how the coleslaw had raisins in it, just how my dad used to make it. First time I have seen that in France.



We left full and satisfied, which I was expecting. It’s worth a stop if you are craving a burger, but don’t go looking for perfection. In fact, it’s very much like any restaurant you might find in the States (except for the kitschy décor), so maybe they have reached their goal.

From Place de Bastille, it’s at the fork of Avenue Daumesnil and Rue de Lyon, 75012.


  1. This is so true, as much as I love French food, every once in a while you just need a good burger. Gotta love Harry’s New York Bar too when you’re in the mood for something American, they have awesome hot dogs

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