Sweeten up! It’s Spring!

Sweet! It’s Spring! And this is Paris, were the eyes are quenched with stunning scenery and the tastebuds are tempted with treats.

One of my favorite places to find the later of the two is the Sugarplum Cake Shop (68 rue Cardinal Lemoine). And yes I know, I know, we should be thinking about those bathing suits we have to don in a few months, but sometimes I like to replace a meal with a few fun and caloric mouthfuls from the Sugarplum fairies, Laurel, Krista and Taylor. And by the way, they now have terrace space! So you can enjoy your tea and scone in the sunshine too!

Here’s just a tease for you!







And then there is of course, the first ever cake that I ordered from the shop! And man was it INCREDIBLE!!!
For my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday, who also recently retired (from a long career as a dental surgeon) and I wanted to celebrate that as well. SO! I asked the girls if they could make a cake in the shape of a giant tooth, with a couple of mice cleaning it… they went above and boyond my hopes for this special cake. And the expression on the face of chéri’s mom was the confirmation that it was pure success! Merci les Sugarplums!!!!

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