Baguès – illumine l’imagination

Baguès – Lighting up the imagination

I pass often the atelier-boutique on avenue Daumesnil along the aqueduct archways… There are many wonderful workshops and showrooms with amazing items on display, but the one that has always caught my eye is the Baguès boutique. Not because I dream of crystal chandeliers, (oh but I do, because oh my! they can be such stunning pieces of work) but because they have one particular chandelier in their window that just sparks a little childhood spirit in me. This chandelier, in the bedroom of any child could stimulate the most fantastical pirate day dreams, Peter Pan fairy schemes, magical stories and mystical things… to activate the most timid of imaginations…
















Baguès, 73 ave Daumesnil 75012


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  1. Constantly a great place after i drop by this website along with weblogs you hold. Treasure your insights.

  2. Wow, you are so right! That immediately makes me think of Peter Pan… and of DisneyWorld. I love it.

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