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Prendre son pied – Get your kicks


It’s an orgasmic experience to say the least, a Louboutin shoe.
Mr. Louboutin, you are what women want, or at least you know what we want.


The foot is apparently the most common non-sexual-organ body part that is involved in fantasy, or podophilia. For example, in China, for centuries, womens’ feet were even bound (and deformed) to give them a more culturally desired aesthetic, small feet like that of a concubine princess. Although this practice has waned and is now considered barbaric and cruel, foot fetishism has only grown as fabulous footwear has become accessible to more and more women.

The recent popularity of the Louboutin luxury creations only goes to show that shoes are one of the hottest items used to attract some sultry attention. It also helps that he has some of Hollywood’s most sought after creatures sporting his wares.

Dita Von Teese is a Louboutin lover (of whom Mr. Louboutin once said “Dita is the ultimate showgirl and top of my list of muses”) and she even wears his creations in her burlesque shows. Madonna has also worn them during her performance, and they have been seen on the red carpet worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet among many others.

There are many websites that claim to sell Louboutins, but the only place to officially buy them is through a select few official e-commerce retailers listed on the Louboutin official website or in one of their own sumptuous boutiques scattered across the globe.

In my opinion, it’s better to go to a boutique. There, you are surrounded by shoes, shoes, shoes, all soled in that signature red. Louboutin has understood something that is very important, red makes the ladies look stunning. Garnier, when he designed the Paris Opera house, was the first to put plush red velvet fabric in the theater, because he said, red gives the ladies a more blushing glow. Well he was right, and so is Christian Louboutin. The eye goes directly to the foot when there is a flash of red underneath. And this is a very sensual place to look; as we have learned from all those foot fetishes. There was a time when a lady would never show any more but the toe of her shoe in public, and showing a little bit of ankle was considered outrageously sexy! And although the skirts have become more shorter, and the legs much longer, the foot, when properly primmed and packaged, can still make them all swoon.

My favorite Parisian boutique is at 19, rue Jean-Jaques Rousseau in the 1st arrondissement. It’s a fabulous place to play, a magical place where art is wearable. And despite their enormous popularity, Louboutin shoes still remain an exclusive item given the price tag. But they are worth every penny, and make you feel like a princess without ever having to disfigure your little piggies. Au contraire, you get to dress them up. Besides, why would you ever wear a pair of shoes that didn’t make your feet look sexy?

Mr. Christian Louboutin is a creative, passionate and funny man, who really doesn’t take himself too seriously, blogs, makes short films (starring his shoes of course), and calls himself “The Great Mr. L”.

I call him a genius.


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