Étiquette : Saint germain des pres

Café de Flore – Can You Belive it was My First Time There!

Yeah, I know, well over 13 years in the City of Light and I cannot for the life of me remember having gone to the Café de Flore for a coffee or for anything, for that matter. Quel honte! Ok, well not really honte, but I was surprised at myself. I suppose I have just spent most of my café… Read more →

24 Hours in Paris – Prête-Moi Paris Style!

Sometimes friends will email me and ask for advice on what to do with a long layover in Paris. Or better yet, some friends will deliberately schedule a long layover, just to get a « Paris fix » (it’s like a drug you know)! If it were me, I would certainly schedule a long layover, but I live here so I am… Read more →

Gab & Jo Boutique – Made in France

I met Alexis when I visited my ultimate dream apartment in Paris. He was the owner. He has since done away with luxury apartments and is now focusing his attention on something closer to his heart : all things made in France. Just a handful of months ago he opened up Gab & Jo (named after his two kids) where… Read more →

A Quick Guide to Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Post by Jenny Bailey When most people imagine 19th century Paris they usually picture artists in berets painting on easels, or bourgeois thinkers discussing the philosopher Descartes over a glass of red wine. Perhaps the picture in their head is of neither of these things but of impoverished writers sipping on absinthe in a typical Parisian café? Any of these… Read more →

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