Étiquette : Montmartre

A Village Street at the Foot of Montmartre

As I was running some errands the other day around Montmartre, I stumbled upon the most darling little cobblestone street that I had never seen before. Set right off of the boulevard de Clichy, it is an absolute haven of calm and charm nestled amongst the chaos and bustling of Pigalle and the red light district. I was enchanted immediately… Read more →

24 Hours in Paris – Prête-Moi Paris Style!

Sometimes friends will email me and ask for advice on what to do with a long layover in Paris. Or better yet, some friends will deliberately schedule a long layover, just to get a « Paris fix » (it’s like a drug you know)! If it were me, I would certainly schedule a long layover, but I live here so I am… Read more →

Montmartre chéri – Montmartre forever

Montmartre, a long time ago, was an ancient place of legend where Saint Denis was beheaded (and according to this very legend, he picked up his head and ran to the place that is now the City of Saint Denis, North of Paris where there is a cathedral built in his namesake). Montmartre used to be a little village with… Read more →

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