Étiquette : Hermès

Hermès – Espace de luxe

  IMG00025-20110217-1638, première mise en ligne par PreteMoiParis. . Hermès gave itsself last Fall a beautiful new concept-store for everything Hermès, in what used to be the luxury pool of the Lutecia palace hotel. With a stunning wood sculpted interior, a study in flower design at the entrance, a classy café and small scenes of Hermès living, this is not… Read more →

Killing 2 birds with 1 stick

I wish that canes were still in fashion. Canes, they have such a dignified elegance to them, or at least they used to. Now-a-days they usually look cumbersome and are made out of less beautiful materials and serve a very functional purpose… And that is good, but why should canes be reserved for the elderly and the injured? Canes, used… Read more →

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