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Didit couture FW1112

Set in the sumptuous hotel Palace, le Crillon, Didit served Champagne at the entrance and handed out black boxes with a single red rose in it at the exit. The show also took it’s sweet time before starting. Hey this is luxury people, no one wants to rush you! Soft classical music floated throughout the two gilded rooms where buyers,… Read more →

Strong Basil Soda Women

Basil Soda’s Fall-Winter 2011-2012 couture collection tries to convey the essence of strong and powerful women that moonlight at fantastic creatures as well. He uses bold colors and a pairing of gowns with vests as well as pronounces colors to get his idea across. But in order to preserve the mysterious and voluptuous side of the ladies he must dream… Read more →

Do-it-yourself Fashion

I fell in love with this boutique about a year ago when I first discovered it randomly (see that post here)…BDA. Initialed after it’s founder Bastien Del Ameida. A concept vintage fashion store that also offers couture lessons. I wanted to try…. I finally got the occasion to thanks to a deal by Groupon purchased a few months ago. You… Read more →

Boudoir fashion – Zuhair Murad زهير مراد‎ #PFW

Set in a swanky hôtel particulier in the très chic 8th arrondissement, the Zuhair Murad presentation felt more like an opulent cocktail party than a fashion presentation. Ladies in fur coats sipping champagne rubbing elbow with the photographers and the designer himself, while about 15 models models worked a lighted circuit around the room. White-gloved service floated around offering bubbly… Read more →

Millenium couture baby

French-Lebanese designer Dany Atrache’s couture line was « born » in  2000… He says that his inspiration comes from his Arab heritage with it’s rich tapestry culture, and his style was perfected in prestigious Paris fashion houses by that French savoir-faire. The Spring-Summer couture collection, shown at Le Meurice luxury hotel on January 26th 2011, has a Seventies theme running through it,… Read more →

The mer-women of Basil Soda

Couture fashion week in Paris brought me to the Palais de Tokyo for the show of Basilsoda… where the spectators were plunged into what seemed like an undersea world of luxury. The models rippled out onto the catwalk like waves of sea foam in light sea-side pastels that flowed and sparkled under the lights. ♬ « Look at this stuff, isn’t… Read more →

Vintage heaven

♫ Where do used clothes go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the clothespins fly. Go to a hanging wire and dry. Wear ’em again til the Fourth of July… ♬ Rochas 225€ Actually they are reincarnated and get a chance at life again…. as they wait in Nirvana (anyone getting my little joke here?!?) where you… Read more →

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