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Gerard Mulot Tea Room : Dainty Delicacies

After my pastry splurge at Le Meurice, I was having a bout of craving for more cream! Now that I can magically eat dairy again, I have been going slightly overboard on occasion often. My friend Holly, from the expat group I am a member of, who has been in Paris for just a short year suggested a place to… Read more →

Gab & Jo Boutique – Made in France

I met Alexis when I visited my ultimate dream apartment in Paris. He was the owner. He has since done away with luxury apartments and is now focusing his attention on something closer to his heart : all things made in France. Just a handful of months ago he opened up Gab & Jo (named after his two kids) where… Read more →

Passage Insolite – Secret passage

Just around the corner from the lively rue de Buci, in the 6th arrondissement, the Passage Dauphine is not really secret anymore. It was actually opened up to public passage in 1825, but it isn’t flooded with a thousand jabbering tourists YET either. And they will arrive eventually, so before they do, I am sharing this charming spot of old-Paris-charm… Read more →

Il était une fois… – Once upon a time…

Number 23 rue Mazarine, Paris, 6th. The Prescription Cocktail club is nostalgic and trendy all in one. Perhaps because anything vintage is all the rage these days and this place does vintage like your grandma in the 20’s. Your hip-shakin’ chic and sassy Parisian grandma! Set in the intellectual and artist hub Saint-Germain neighborhood this cozy bar puts a fun… Read more →

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