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VIP Girls Night at the Races!

I got invited to a fun VIP treatment soirée at the racetrack at the Vincennes Hippodrome recently, and so I thought I’d make a girls-night-out of it and brought along my best friend. And we had a ball! An Evening At The Races from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo. It was a Tuesday night, and Tuesday nights are not typically… Read more →

Priceless Paris & Roland Garros

I was invited recently to experience « Priceless Paris » with Mastercard‘s new concept (I was invited through Happy Curious) to the Roland Garros tennis stadium for the annual French tournament (what the Anglophones call the French Open). I have NEVER been to a tennis match, nor am I a huge sports fan. I like sports when « my » team is winning the… Read more →

Coupe d’été : Row Boat Regatta n° II

The second annual Row Boat Regatta hosted by Prête-Moi Paris almost didn’t happen. Originally scheduled for June 18th, I began scrutinizing the weather forecasts a week and a half before that date. None of them looked positive. Thundershowers. Not good weather to paddle around on the lake under! The day before, the weather forecast was so disheartening that I canceled… Read more →

Bouges tes fesses!

Move your behind! The ministry of health wants to get the French moving. France has been preoccupied lately about the rising national weight and a depreciation in people’s general health from lack of exercise and unhealthy diets. So they have launched a campaign to convince people to move their derrières a little more often. A healthier population means less funding… Read more →

En attendant Chéri – Waiting for Chéri

When chéri-amour (sweetie-pie) is coming home from several days away on business what does any self defined parisienne, do in anticipation? 1. Clean house…okay fine but the ironing can wait. 2. é-pi-la-tion… in other words undergo the torturous ritual of tearing the small hairs off of one’s legs. Oh joy. But the smooth skin après is a temptation tool with… Read more →

Les fous du Zumba – Zumba crazies!

It’s like an exercise class turned dance party! And people are nuts for it! Set to latin and international music, zumba, as one friend put it, makes your body think it’s getting a work-out, but your brain thinks it’s getting a dance class. Oh yeah!!! It’s wild it’s crazy, and it’s a lot of fun. People laugh and yell and… Read more →

On se ‘foot’ du monde = Talk to the hand!

November 18th, France and Ireland duked it out in a soccer match for the qualifying games of the World Cup. In overtime, the two teams were head to head, and the next score would call the winner. As France took possesion of the ball and moved in for the goal, Thierry Henry’s hand is seen on video handling the ball… Read more →

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