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Coupe d’été : Paris Row Boat Regatta : 3rd edition!

Sign up on the Meetup page or leave a comment here saying you’ll be attending. Inscrivez-vous sur la page Meetup ou mettre un commentaire ici pour nous informer de votre participation. Dear all, After all hope is more or less lost on July 15th’s weather being favorable for the row boat race, I have decided to postpone until next Saturday,… Read more →

Monuments off the Beaten Path – The Château de Chantilly

Post by contributor Jenny Bailey With so many tourists visiting Paris every year looking for great deals, it’s hard to imagine that there are still some places that are relatively unheard of. Away from some of the more popular attractions, there are however various monuments that are equally as impressive. One of these is the Château de Chantilly – a… Read more →

Le Lac Daumesnil

The craziness of September is past us now, the return from vacation and all the things that have piled up while we were away have hopefully been ticked off the to-do list. The fashion week frenzy has subsided. My Blog-anniversary has come and gone, and my human life one looms up in front of me… It’s about time for some… Read more →

Picnic at your own risk!

I was at the Champs de Mars recently when the weather was nice, with a few friends and chéri, for a little apéro picnic. Picnicking seems to be a thing that has become a phenomenon in Paris. Maybe it has something to do with the soaring restaurant and drink prices in Paris…. Whatever it is, everyone is doing it. But… Read more →

Coupe d’été : Row Boat Regatta n° II

The second annual Row Boat Regatta hosted by Prête-Moi Paris almost didn’t happen. Originally scheduled for June 18th, I began scrutinizing the weather forecasts a week and a half before that date. None of them looked positive. Thundershowers. Not good weather to paddle around on the lake under! The day before, the weather forecast was so disheartening that I canceled… Read more →

Marie Antoinette was here (posthumous)

Square Louis XVIII A pretty little square in the 8th, with a chapelle, where the remains of Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette were lain for 21 years, until their remains were removed by order of Louis the 18th, January 21st in 1815 to the cathedrale of Saint Denis where most of the other French kings and queens are buried.… Read more →

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