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Circus Bakery Paris

Those who know me, know that just the name of this bakery is enough to beckon me there. But as luck would have it, their baked goods are worth the treck from my corner of Paris.

As I opened the door, the intoxicating scent of cinnamon engulfed me. Decadent was the word that escaped my mouth. I felt like I had entered a magical land of flavor and goodness.

Circus Bakery Paris is known for their sourdough bread, their hand twisted cinnamon bun and their margherita pizza.

This hidden gem opened up in October 2018 and is the second brain child of the Fragments team (in the Marais). It’s so nice to see something foodie infiltrate the Latin Quarter which is known for its highly touristy venues.

The objective here is to create hand made food for people who care about what they are eating and like to indulge. You can see them baking and creating from the counter. So much sourdough! Did you know that sourdough is easier to digest? That should be enough to validate your caloric splurge, right. It validated mine!

Circus Bakery doesnt waste too much on frills. No need, the products speak for themselves. The façade is done in plain beautiful wood the color of cinnamon incidentally, and the bakery name is written in white on the window panes.

There are rustic benches next to crates of apples and fresh tomatoes where you can sit and devour your artisanal baked delight, while you sip a fresh coffee, roasted by Hexagone. Or you may take it to go. Payment by card only.

At 63 rue Galande 75005 just behind Shakespeare and Company, these bakers are at it seven days a week. Open from 7am to 8pm, you can get your fix for any meal of the day or your bread supply for the week.

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