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Hotel Marignan: Limon Bar and Rooftop Terrace

It was a hot midsummer evening and we were headed to Hotel Marignan to investigate their Limon bar that reopened about a year prior (2017)… At first glance, I thought it would be just some five star hotel bar with leopard print pillows trying to impress me with mediocre cocktails….BOY was I in for a surprise!

Nothing against leopard print mind you, but I was worried that the luxury kitsch ran deep. It did not. It stopped right at the pillows and the sultry prints on the wall. The bar was an absolute wonderland of alcohols and ingredients for VERY creative barmen. I am guessing the food is just as inventive!

We sipped complicated concoctions created with knowledge and served with panache. With a mere suggestion of our personal tastes the imagination of the barman immediately came up with an entirely personalized cocktail. It was mesmerizing and practically the entertainment of the first part of our evening.

My cocktails were gin infused, Chéri’s were wading in whiskey. Honestly, we dont remember all that went into them, but they were absolutely amazing.

After testing a couple of these we were whisked around on a quick tour of the elegant lobby, the private cinema underground, and then all the way up to the rooftop bar….

Oh my….. what a view.

The Terr’Ice bar served up chilled Moët et Chandon bubbly over ice (the new champagne), and an eye-popping view. Other cocktails are of course available. But what else could you want other than champagne when gazing upon the prettiest and most famous tower in the world with your Chéri!?!?! Moi, I want champagne!

Moët it was!

I can’t say enough about the staff at this establishment, they are dedicated to service. Someone went and got fresh strawberries just for us to put in our bubbly, because the barman insisted I try this champagne with strawberries instead of lime zest. If that isn’t five star service, I don’t know what is!

This terrace has much easier access than the très exclusive and wildly popular Hotel Raphael rooftop. Oh and I have heard that the Raphael may close in a couple of years for renovations…so Marignan just may steal away that clientele! I will most certainly return to this calm haven on top of the city of love. We felt miles away from the bustling streets, with a view that goes on practically forever.

I am eager to return to this address, that is mere steps from the Champs Elysees. It is discreet and chic and surprising.

Hotel Marignan

12 rue de Marignan

75008 Paris

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