Hidden Terrace in Paris : Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

A year ago this stunning Parisian boutique hotel (that appears very often here on Prête-Moi Paris) threw a little party for some suave hotel promotion for their beautiful video, and promised us all a terrace ver soon. We finally got the terrace and another fancy party to boot!

In between tasting the petit fours, clinking our Moet et Chandon summer champagne on ice glasses and basking in the easy breezy jazzy music, we also got to visit the penthouse suite. The best one the hotel has to offer. It comes with a beautiful terrace and a fantastic view.

We oozed ourselves onto deck chairs in the shade to escape the violent sunshine and sipped our bubbly pretending we had the place all to ourselves. I can entirely imagine a sunny warm weekend lounging there without a care in the world. Dreamy. We only left because it was hot with that angry sun blaring at us.

But there was a cheese table to explore and portait artists putting our likeness on title bags to indulge in…

We enjoyed ourselves late into the evening… its always hard to tear myself away from the chic and understated decadence of this hotel. The level of comfort does indeed make you want to always stay longer.

Until we go again…


4 rue de Valois 75001


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    1. Merci! Try it out next time you’re in Paris on a sunny day. Calm and quiet guaranteed!

  1. Great to know this little secret! Will go there!

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