Paris ice cream shop
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Luxury Ice Cream Dream in Paris

There is a luxury version of almost everything.

You have your typical boulangerie pastries sold for a euro or two and handed to you in a paper bag, and then you have star chef’s incredible creations served in fancy dining rooms on china.

You have a box of eclairs sold in the frozen section of the grocery store, and then you have an entire shop dedicated to just eclairs all decorated with artistic toppings.

You have ice cream served from a stand in the park that you enjoy quickly before it drips down your hand, and then you have a fancy Italian gelato shop serving ice cream at lovely tables underneath chandeliers. I’m talking about Il Gelato Del Marchese, and Italian ice cream shop in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It’s darling, dainty and delicious!

Paris ice cream shop

From Italy to Paris, Il Gelato Del Marchese is tucked away between Odéon and the Luxembourg garden on a little street. My friend Holly brought us there. She knew I would LOVE it! And I was just tickled with the prettiness of the establishment and the attention to detail. There is an artistic display in the window of ice cream cones, the packaging is lovely, the counter is thoughtfully decorated and everything looks pristine. Also, they sell more than just gelato, they have china and tea and luxury candles. Because eating pretty and delightful things is also about the setting in which you enjoy them. I’m so happy when I discover places that understand that.

Paris Ice cream shop
Photo from Il Gelato Del Marchese

Il Gelato Del Marchese, Paris

We made a selection of Holly’s favorite flavors to share between three of us, and it was the perfect amount for a treat that didn’t cause us to over indulge (since we know I have been over indulging lately…). Served with flat waffled wafers and silver spoons this was in deed a delicate delight. This is the luxury version of having ice cream in Paris.

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Il Gelato Del Marchese, Paris

Il Gelato Del Marchese serves up entirely crafted from scratch on the premises in their Paris kitchen. All the ingredients are in their purest form when they are prepped for this home made ice cream, even the sugar is unrefined. And the sugar is sparingly used as to allow the flavors to develop better in the ice cream. No additives are used on their product which are as pristine as their white walled dining salon. Even the pistachios and the coffee beans are roasted on location.

Il Gelato Del Marchese, Paris

Il Gelato Del Marchese, Paris

And they have thought of all the services that go along with a luxury brand. They offer made to measure ice cream flavors invented by you. They also offer a luxury ice cream cart to rent for your event or party. They offer special packaging for travel or shipping that can hold the temperature for your little journey. And they offer the ultimate luxurious delivery service, but this is not your typical Ubereats delivery, no no no, this is a delivery service in a vintage Italian car with a butler in full livery presenting you with the eye popping packages that they do so well.

Now which of their luxury services would you like to indulge in?!?

ice cream delivery
Il Gelato Del Marchese Paris


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