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Breakfast at Ladurée

Forget Breakfast at Tiffanys.. We do Breakfast at Ladurée! (And it’s not just devouring a croissant while we gaze in the window). Oh no, we go in, take a seat and order!

One of my favorite places to go for a sweet treat is of course the one and only French macaron mecca : Ladurée. My gal pal Paula and I splurged recently on breakfast…why? Oh, just because. We work hard, are generally good people and we felt we owed ourselves a little luxury petit déjeuner.
whipped cream laduree

I had quite literally, THE best French toast breakfast that ever existed on this planet.

It came with a side of whipped cream… yeah. Pretty effing divine.

I ordered tea and the raspberry and rose French toast which came with two massive slices of buttered and grilled brioche, raspebrries on top,  the afore mentioned side of rose flavored whipped cream and a little saucer of raspberry sauce to drizzle over it all. I don’t even know how to describe to you all that first forkful, (and all succeeding forkfuls). Crisp yet soft, oozing with raspberry and whipped cream that blended in with the grilled buttered bread and filled my mouth with the most decadent flavor… I will daydream about this again and again, until I have more. But I can’t go back too soon, just imagine how many calories were in that plate!!!

Laduree macarons

Paula had and almond croissant and a cinnamon roll with hot chocolate served with a helping of whipped cream. She said they were incredible. But honestly, I hardly paid attention to her gorgeous food. I was so enthralled with my amazing French toast!!!! It was all I could do to remain proper and not lick the plate. Hahaa!

We were both in food heaven and really could have stayed longer than an hour, but work was calling.

Ladurée Breakfast, ParisWhat a lovely way to treat ourselves before a long day at work!

What do you do to treat yourself sometimes? Comment below!




breakfast at Laduree


  1. Love, love, love this post because you are truly my daughter. I would have been in food coma heaven right there with you! Of course if I want to treat myself I go to Ladureé and buy a whole box. I love the Rose, Orange Blossom, and Marie Antoinette ones. xo

  2. Thanks for this post – had never thought of going to Laduree for breakfast, but I definitely will now! Shared on my FB page so others will know also!

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