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Hemingway’s Paris by Robert Wheeler

I was sent a beautiful copy of Robert Wheelers’s hard copy book, Hemingway’s Paris to review for you readers. All you Paris lovers, romantics and dreamers will love this one. The book has this uncanny ability to bring you back a century, to a time when Paris had that slower paced, nostalgic feel to it a time before all of us were even concepts, a time where people lingered and spent time with books, and café terraces were for people watching (and not smartphone staring)… Robert Wheeler reminds us of that time through his photographs as well as his recount of anecdotes from Hemingways life as he leads us around the city, meandering at a gentle pace.

Robert Wheeler : Hemingway's Paris


A great Summer read, or end of the Sumer read, to offer yourself the sensation that you too have the time to stroll the streets of Hemingways city. Snippets of Earnest and Hadley’s Parisian life as bohemians and writers draw us an image of them struggling, creating, growing and sharing in some of the happiest years of their lives. Robert Wheeler : Hemingway's Paris
I do believe that this book, has even inspired me to dust off and dive into my copy of A Moveable Feast and enjoy it all over again.
Robert Wheeler : Hemingway's Paris

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