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Words & Wine with Juliette Sobanet

image I had a delightful evening recently, over on one of my favorite streets in Paris in the 6th, hosted by Sylvia of Finding Noon, and Lisa of Ella Coquine.  These two fantastic Paris expat bloggers threw a wonderfully chic and informal evening of wine and cheese and a presentation of Juliette Sobanet‘s new novel…presented by the lovely author herself!

Miss Sobanet is a lovely charming young woman who is a French teacher turned novelist, and was seemingly very much at ease explaining her latest work to us; reading from it and then answering all of our questions about her writing process and how she became a novelist.

She told us about self publishing on Amazon, how she uses Pinterest to brainstorm and inspire herself for each character, how she finally left her day job to write full time, and her love for France.


Now if you merely look at her novel titles, you can see that this lady has got it bad for the city of lights… “Sleeping with Paris” … “Kissed in Paris” … “Midnight train to Paris” … “Dancing with Paris” … and more!

Here she is presenting her newest publication : “Dancing with Paris” at the Words and Wine event.

imageI was thrilled to chat at length with her after the reading about her life and how she managed becoming a novelist. She’s an inspiring lady, and made me feel like I could actually maybe perhaps one day possibly do the same thing myself… I asked her if her goal was to to be able to live in Paris, but I think she has the travel bug; because she said that she’d probably eventually live here half the year and the other half back home. And then in between there’s the world to visit!

Juliette Sobanet
Moi & Juliette Sobanet

Many thanks to Lisa and Sylvia for coming up with such a fabulous event! Read Sylvia’s recount of the evening here; Lisa’s recount here; and see more pictures from the evening from Out and about in Paris.




  1. What a great write-up on our little fête! Thank you and also, thank you for coming!!!! It was such a pleasure to see you. I had a feeling you would hit it off with Juliette.

    I really enjoyed this evening, as you wrote it was chic yet informal, which was the vibe we were totally going for.

    I look forward to future reading events, perhaps one day with your livre. ; )

    Thank you again for this!

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