Sweet Spring Fashion Inspiration


April in Paris


April in Paris, that famous time of year, when the trees bloom and sprout leaves, the grayness dissipates and everything becomes magical, romantic and pretty…

The above outfit is inspired by that fresh and happy feeling that comes when the new Spring sunshine is warming up the city of love.


Candy Crush!
The above outfit is inspired by my recent addiction (that I am trying to tame) to Candy Crush Saga. I play it because I love the sounds, they are…. « Delicious! » and because the voice of the guy that says the words, sounds like my brother Tim. But it gives me such a craving for candy!!! A real problem. SO instead of eating candy, I think it would be best to wear it, or things that look like candy… 😉


Macaron Moi!


Besides candy, there are always macarons, which of course I allow myself to indulge in on occasion! The above outfit is as pretty as a pile of pastel pastries from Ladurée, don’t you think?!?

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