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My picks from NYFW SS14

NYFW… I don’t go as there is no metro line that would take me from the center of Paris to NYC, but like so many others, I like to watch it from the comfort of my laptop computer.
Here are some of my top picks from the week of fashion and frocks in the Big cold Apple city.

Thakoon… if nothing more than the shoes, I am a huge fan ( but these are shoes by Vicente Rey! I LOVE HIS SHOES!!! ). The rest of the outfit would be fun weekend wear. But did I mention the shoes?!?!

Thakoon : Image from by Kim Weston Arnold (Vicente Rey Shoes)
Thakoon : Image from by Kim Weston Arnold (Vicente Rey Shoes)

Rebecca Minkoff… I like the fun playfulness of pastels in winter on this look, although most of the collection does not resemble this silhouette..

Rebecca Minkoff : Image from STYLEcom by Yannis Vlamos

Hugo Boss : Uber chic, and a tad androgynous, I like the sheer cutouts we see throughout the whole collection and the geometrical shaped necklines that seem almost to act as a tie than a neckline. This look is suave, and I would love to see it on a voluptuous fiery redhead, for example.

Image from by Kim Weston Arnold

Nanette Lapore : In this look what I like is the cut and the silhouette. I am not necessarily a fan of prints, and I rarely, if ever, wear them. But the ease of the outfit mixed with the cut that creates an elegant line that looks comfortable is what drew me into this one. I can see myself running around Paris in garments like these.

Nanette Lapore : Image from by Marcus Tondo

Badgley Mischka, here, gives me similar satisfaction as the Nanette Lapore look above, with a generous dose of graceful shimmer. This could be evening wear for a chic event or dinner. It screams Parisian in the cut and line, and allows a hint of eccentricity inspired by art in the palette and metallic fabrics.

Badgley Mischka : Image from by Kim Weston Arnold

I want to see this incredibly well constructed and crafted Zac Posen gown on Angelina Jolie. That is all.

Zac Posen : Image from by Yannis Vlamos

This Carolina Herrera look, seems to have a modern twist on a Fifties/Sixties cut and silhouette, although I think she was going for geometrics and shapes rather than retro. But to me the sloping shoulders on some looks nodded towards that era. On this look, I love the color, I love the modern touch, and I love the fur trim that brings a softened element to the sharp lines.

Carolina Herrera : Image from by Yannis Vlamos

The whole Monique Lhuillier collection was entirely gorgeous. It would seem that she subtley inserted skulls into her collection to give it a slight edge, but they are so subtle you don’t notice them. This below the knee form fitted dress was by far my favorite of the collection, yes even over the blush gown, because I feel it gives off plenty of that “danger” she was going for, but retains every ounce of the feminine elegance that is the essence of every Monique Lhuillier dress.

Monique Lhuillier : Image from by Monica Feudi

Filipe Oliveira Baptista’s collection for Lacoste focused on golf, but with such a (mostly) subtle influence that we had to be reminded with the occasional top bearing the bold word “Golf” on it in order to know. I like this dress not only for it’s simple and elegant cut, but also for its slightly Art Deco style in the print, which is inspired by the club house of the golf course designed by Lacoste’s father-in-law in the 1920’s.

Lacoste : Image from by Gianni Pucci

This little blue high neck dress is probably the tamest piece of the Jill Stuart collection, but I love its simplicity, as I can see it paired with something extravagant for next Fall, wild boots or an over sized sleeveless vest, or some other attention drawing trend. On the other hand, it can also be worn and appreciated as is.

Jill Stuart : Image from by Marcus Tondo

Nicole Miller has satisfied my love of slim pants paired with a flouncy blouse, and I could even wear it with those funky prints. It almost remionds of me the 80’s… Bold and feminine.

Nicole Miller : Image from by Marcus Tondo

This Diane Von Furstenberg dress seems a bit more Spring to me (rather lightweight for Fall/Winter wear) but no matter because it isn’t the dress that the model is wearing that I like most (but I do like it very much). It isn’t even the shoes. It’s her smile! The most beautiful thing on any woman. And the smiling models in Diane’s show were a tribute to her ever positive attitude…just follow her on twitter. She’s uplifting.

Diane Von Furstenberg : Image from by Yannis Vlamos

And last but not least at all, is DKNY… a collection that was uproariously NYC street wear/street style… modeled mostly by non-models. Some were known DJs or street sport athletes, but others were picked from casting calls or right off the street. I love this most of all about her collection, which is not at ALL my style of clothing, but I applaud greatly Donna’s capability to reach beyond the boundaries of the fashion industry norms. Bravo!

Image from by Umberto Fratini


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