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Why Visit Paris in January

Post by Jenny Bailey


Paris from the Arc de Triomphe
paris eiffel tower via flickr by oh paris

The new year is upon us! (Bonjour, 2014!) Although this might be the month dedicated to dismantling the festive decorations and shedding the December weight, that doesn’t mean the good times have to end too.

From spending what’s leftover from your Christmas cash to ticking off your cultural new year’s resolutions, here’s our list of things to do in Paris this month.

6 Jan – La Fête des Rois Takes the Cake

galette des rois
galette des rois by Joel Mann via flickr

And quite literally – as the French celebrate Three Kings Day by indulging in a slice of king cake (galette des rois). Made of pastry and almonds, you’ll find this sweet at Parisian patisseries everywhere – often with a figurine hidden in one of the slices, which is said to be lucky. If you’re still recovering from new year festivities, this French tradition is a great way to help settle your stomach – or at least, that’s our excuse! Bon appétit.

8 Jan-12 Feb – Les Soldes

Hermes Rue Faubourg St. Honore
Hermes Rue Faubourg St Honoré by David Huang via flickr

If you’ve been holding out all season for the winter sales, then this is the time to take to the shops and get stuck in. With discounts ranging everywhere between 30-70% off, whether it’s the goods at the city’s chic Gallery Lafayette that takes your fancy or the latest looks from trendy Le Marais that you’re after, there’s bargains to be had throughout the capital this month. And if you have a desperate need for those famous silk scarves or even a pair of their leather shoes, you can go to the Hermès sales if you are willing to spend several hours standing in line. Held at the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot for a few days only in mid January… Are you a fan of the orange box, you don’t want to miss it! Jan 15-17.

12 Jan Gear Up for The Car Show

9è traversée de Paris en anciennes...
Traversée de Paris – car show via flickr by cedem photographies

If you’ve got a bit of a soft spot for attractive automobiles, you’re in luck as the annual Crossing of Paris (Traversée de Paris hivernale) is due to take place this month. The parade, which spans over a distance of 25km., features more than 450 of some of the world’s most unusual cars. If you’re keen to catch the spectacle, the vehicles will be setting off from the Esplanade du chateau de Vincennes on to  Place Daumesnil and Bastille before finishing at Place Jacques Rueff’s Trocadero Fountains. For more information about the event, visit the club’s official website here:

24-27 Jan – Mode a Paris / Fashion in Paris

Goossens Paris #jewelry
Goossens Paris by Prete Moi Paris

Got a thing for bling? Then don’t miss this bi-annual fashion and fine jewellery exhibition from BIJORHCA Paris. Taking place at Paris’s Porte de Versailles, the four-day event features bespoke bejeweled accessories from roughly 470 different designers. For more info, check out the official site here.

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Bon séjour!

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