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Awesome Uber Paris

Uber parisI was a big fan of les Voitures Jaunes, a private chauffeur service in Paris… and then, I discovered… UBER Paris. And n ot too soon! Because the Voiture Jaunes company has just announced that it has ceased activity in Paris for the time being. An investor pulled out last minute. Sad for them. That’s rough. But I am BEYOND THRILLED about Über Paris, it has got to be the best car service idea ever, and it works like a charm! (No they are not sponsoring me to write this article… I am just in love with the service!).

I used it the first time to head to the giant cocktail party that was being given by my work (day job). In heels and a little dress, I did not want to use the RATP public transport system even though it wasn’t too far. It was one of those December weeks were it had been crisp dry and beautifully chilly all week without a drop of rain. But, bien sûr, the rain started falling just an hour before we all left work to head over to the Aquarium de Paris were our fabulous fête was being held.

uber on phone

So I quickly downloaded the Android app, (they have an iphone one too) and within literally MINUTES was signed up for the service and had ordered a car. I called the driver through the simple touch of a button on the app, to give him precise details of where to find us. He was courteous, and informed me where he was and how soon he would be there. Me and three other colleagues waited just outside on the corner and watched the little car icon move along the map on my phone until it pulled up sleek and quick in front of us like a modern day princess carriage. A gentleman swooped out of the car, and in smooth smiling movements opened the trunk for our bags, and the doors for our decked-out selves to slide into the slick leather seats.

uber paris app

The car smelled wonderful, there was bottled water for us, and a friendly driver who upon arrival, found the closest spot for us to get out and to the entrance of our destination with the least amount of steps possible, again with the swooping door opening, with grace and charm. And no transaction happened between us physically. I received a confirmation immediately of the automatic payment made via my account.

uber app

Seriously, I will never have to use a rude Parisian taxi driver again! EVER!

What I like best about Über :

1. EASY to use.

2. SO polite.

3. Choice of type of ride you get (and thus a variation in price).

4. the SERVICE. It is so un-French, and sooooo nice to have in Paris. A true accessible luxury that we could all use once in a while!

5. The social aspect of the company. Use my Uber code and get 10€ off your first ride! And once you have joined, you can offer the same discount to others. How perfect. How simple. How nice.

Bonus reason : @Uber_Paris follows me on twitter! Cool!!!

Treat ourself to an Über experience this holiday season or anytime. You’ll love it. I do!


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