Serge Lutens at Le Printemps

Serge Lutens team invited me in September to the opening of their new space in the Printemps Haussmann department store. I am always eager to attend the Serge Lutens events, merely because I am totally in love with his work!
The theme of the evening was the quintessential scents of Serge Lutens. There are three : Serge noir, Datura Noir & Vitriol d’Oeillet. Perhaps we should describe these three at the holy trinity of Serge’s creations. For him they embody the essence of his work.


Perfums that were previously only available at the Palais Royal boutique, will now be sold at the gorgeous Serge Lutens corner on the ground floor at the Printemps Haussmann in Paris.

His make-up line will also be available there, and, by all means, watch for new products coming soon.


We were spoiled with champagne and dainty bites to eat, including macarons and sushi; while we mingled and browsed asked for in-depth explanations from the incredibly knowledgeable staff and communications team; and otherwise smelled and tested the perfumes to our olfactory organ content. Really, I never get tired of testing his scents. Each one for me, really does tell a story. My mind’s eye sees an image or a scene evoked by each creation I inhale. It truly is a voyage for the senses for me.


So now all those tourists who are too pressed for time to enjoy the Palais Royal boutique, can treat themselves to these precious scents while department store shopping.


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