My little pink blog is four years old this month. I can hardly believe that it has been so long already! Hmm actually, yes I can believe it. For such an simple and sweet publication it certainly demands a lot of my attention and energy… not always abundant when working a full time job as well.

But I haven’t given it up because it gives me such satisfaction and is my instantaneous creative gratification. Plus I get to share MY Paris with all of you! ♥

Tonight I am having a little fête to celebrate these past four years of Fashion, bubbly, gourmandise and DIY blogging in Paris, with a handful of bloggers and friends. And to share the love, I am showcasing a few friends’ brands at the party : Vintage Galerie, Kasia Dietz bags, Mon Champagne, Sugar Daze cupcakes and Cleopatra’s Bling.

Joyeux anniversaire Prête-Moi Paris!
Here’s to many more….



Prête-Moi Paris

An American in Paris, blogging about Paris, the expat life, luxury, fashion, culture, people, places and pieces of the city of lights.

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  1. Happy 4th Birthday!!!!! Thank you for all of the beautiful things you’ve shared with us! Bisous

    1. Oh Tricia! It’s such a pleasure. It was so lovely to see you at the festivities! Thank you for coming!!! ♥

  2. Happy 4 and congrats for that nice adventure your share with us!

    1. Avec grand plaisir @ParisCreatorsStudio

  3. A very happy anniversary to you!

  4. Joyeux anniversaire! Love reading about your Paris adventures – my adventures are London based, my ‘other’ favourite city! London!

  5. Congrats! And thanks for having us.

    1. It was such fun and a huge pleasure to have you all here! ♥

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