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Wild Weeds in Paris

The city of Paris often has interesting ideas of new expositions” to offer free to the public on the place in front of the Hôtel de Ville (4th arrdt). This time it is a temporary weed garden, or as they call it un jardin éphémère des herbes folles (crazy grass!)…

The city of Paris wants to allow weeds to find their (temporary) place in Paris. Kind of like us expats perhaps… but I don’t want to be uprooted by any means! This short lived garden will be taken down on July 12th.


It is more than just a place to take pictures of the “wildflowers” they have planted, they want to give Parisians an envie to have a green thumb, or at least an attempt at one. This is an inspiration of sorts to get people to plant more for their balconies, learn about strange plants, accept the weeds (and foreigners?) and be more at ease with those people plants that are not perfectly trimmed like a Versailles garden.

For more Paris garden info se the blog (in French) about it :


It is also a lovely place to take a break from a hard day traipsing around the city of lights, to relax in one of the lawn chairs provided and just enjoy being around some green herbs. Grab some time in the grass and feel at ease with the weeds!


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