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The perfect apéro treat

Miss Mary, of Fox in Paris showed me a place that she had discovered, which is right up my alley.

A store that has gone totally nuts!

Little do you know, but Chéri often calls me a squirrel, because he will find me feeding upon trail mix only when he comes home from a late meeting or a business dinner out. He says he finds it sad that I would dine on nuts alone (typing away on my computer), but it is really one of my favorite things to eat, and I can’t really expect him to dine on that too when we have dinner at home. So I take advantage of his occasional late night work obligations to indulge in one of the most ridiculous dinner plates : Nut mix!

So, La Pistacherie that Mary showed me was like squirrel heaven for me. A sort of dried fruit apothecary with the pharmacist serving up all the munchy medicine you can handle. The décor is charming with ah hint of vintage that brings you back to another era where you could walk into any store that sold one type of item and it looked as delightful as this boutique does. I am reminded of a description from Emile Zola’s novel Le Ventre de Paris where he describes a 19th century butcher shop that is immaculate and brimming with delicious invitation. At La Pistacherie where we went, all of the glass pots behind the counter were stocked full of different colored delights, textures and flavors. These glass containers were purchased in one big lot from an antique expert, and apparently the store does still have some that they don’t use and will sell to people who are interested. (I handed over my card with big round eyes. The jars are really lovely and would go nicely in my home).P1210237

But back to the nuts… The kind gentleman behind the counter was happy to offer me a sample of anything, as I squeaked in delight after tasting all sorts of exotic flavors and concoctions.

Upon recommendation and after a mouth watering taste test, I purchased two little sachets, one with the wasabi pistachios and one with salt and vinegar pecans.
Oh my gooooooodness it is delicious. And perfect for munching with a glass of pouilly fumé or a fresh cocktail. As I write this I am sipping a lovely gin and tonic and finishing the wasabi nuts.

They have raw healthy nuts (and dried berries and fruits).

They have grilled nuts.

They have flavored nuts.

They have sweet nuts. Salty nuts.

Macadamias the size of eyeballs.

Exotic nuts from all OVER the world!

A squirrel could have an aneurism in there.

La Pistacherie is not a chain, it is owned by one nutty person, and there are three addresses in Paris. Perhaps a new address will be coming soon in another European country!

Their products make wonderful gifts as well!

5 Place de l’Alma 75008 (where we went)

64, rue de Seine 75006

67 rue Rambuteau 75005
Open every day of the week!


  1. You’re an excellent writer. We’re out of nuts so we need to go back – I’ll let you know when I go so you can get your fix for the month. 😉

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