Pieces of Paris

For a long time my blog tag line has been : « Take a piece of Paris and call it yours ».

Lately I seem to have been in a mood to clean up clutter and streamline things. The desire to change it came over me, but I didn’t want to toss out the meaning (that being one of my blog acting as a window to the elements of Paris that I discover, love, hate and want to share with you). So I shortened it up and made it shiny : « Pieces of Paris » is my chic new motto.

Pieces Of Paris – part one from Prete Moi Paris on Vimeo.

I made you all a little video while on a Sunday stroll with Chéri, just to illustrate it. This is volume one of a multiple part series (the future parts have not yet been made, they will be spontaneous and colorful (weather permitting) and hopefully offer different moods to the different pieces of Paris!

  8 comments for “Pieces of Paris

  1. 1 mai 2013 at 04:37

    Cute! So what did you use to edit this video? Like what software? I have been wanting to make a video for our blog, but was clueless of how to do it!

  2. Lynne
    1 mai 2013 at 13:54

    Ah! Love Dino and this made me feel it’s not so bad to live in Paris! Thank you! 😉

  3. 1 mai 2013 at 19:01

    Thank you for sharing! I’m inspired by all your fabulous footage!!

  4. 2 mai 2013 at 12:23

    A nice piece at the very beginning….congratulations…..joyous i am to know that i am to wander much….it is beautiful……

  5. 29 novembre 2013 at 07:36

    lovely ♥

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