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The clutch

The clutch
I have been wanting to blog about this trend for a little while now, and my new Polyvore account just made it even more simple for me! It’s even more fun and easy than my Shopstyle account. And allows you to blog your style creations with just a click!
So this clutch thing… I think we will see more and more people (in fact we already do) walking around with a clutch in place of a bag. I say “people” because it is not a trend just for women anymore! Mens’ clutches are all over the catwalks these days. The contest for who’s got the bigger birkin is over. It’s all about the bag becoming a real statement and charming accessory as well as being functional. Its first function? Lightening our load!


I recently fell in love with a Milski Art bags folded clutch, and have put away my handbags for now. I have also put away all that crap stuff I was carrying around and never using. Remember that scene in The Breakfast Club? In the library when Allison dumps her bag out on the couch and goes on to explain what all that stuff is for. That was the 80’s. We are now in 2013. (Although the 80’s still like totally rock!) The bag is stepping down and clutch is taking over. (Ok, IF I have to use a bag, to transport necessary stuff on occasion, I try to make sure it still makes a statement or looks fun and chic! … nod to Kasia Dietz Bags)

I have to say, it is nice not having to fight with the shoulder strap and my winter coat. They don’t fit well together, and I usually struggle to get the bag straps over my arm and shoulder. Drives me crazy! So long shoulder strap! I tuck the clutch under my arm and off I go!
A clutch completely suffices : toss in your little card case or thin wallet (I have one from Carré Royal that is perfect), your smartphone or mini tablet, (or regular tablet if your clutch is big enough), a tube of lipstick, your metro pass or parking pass, keys and maybe a tissue or a fashion show invitation. And that’s all I have found that I really need all day! I used to weigh my shoulder down with all this stuff that I might need at some point, but hardly ever or never actually used.
My Carré Royal wallet
 Be wild and free! Match your clutch to your mood, your outfit, use it as a jewel, a pretty thing that acts as a backdrop for your pretty hands… Replacing your handbag with a clutch is like freeing yourself of a cumbersome burden and carrying a piece of art, a statement of your mood that you want to project to the world that day, an image of your personality. Try it! You won’t know why you waited so long!
What clutch do you carry? Or which one do you dream of?!?

Genuine leather handbag
$4,895 –

Prada clutch

Lanvin snakeskin handbag

Ted baker handbag

Rare london
$21 –


  1. Love, love this post and vow to give this new trend a try! I too have been heavily weighed down by an oversized handbag for far too long. Time to lighten it up for Spring!
    My 2 faves: Proenza Schouler and Sergio Rossi. obsessed. x

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