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Science et Mer Paris – Make-Up Remover

After an article on make-up by Serge Lutens, I thought it would be fitting to write about a make-up remover!

A while back I introduced a cosmetic brand that I have been using ever since, but I didn’t talk about one of the products that I received from them at the presentation of their new cosmetic line : the make-up remover. To be precise : the écume lactée make-up remover 2 in 1 all skin types hypoallergenic paraben-free make-up remover for face and eyes. Whew!

Why didn’t I mention it before? Because I didn’t use it right away. I am one of those people who instead of using a make-up remover in the evening, I just wash my face with a delicate cleansing gel at the end of the day since I can’t stand fussing with cotton pads and cold creams. I know, I know… for all you epidermal snobs out there, I am committing the ultimate skin care crime (other than smoking and exposure to the sun of course). And yes, perhaps I will get premature wrinkles, but I am impatient when it comes to skin care. I like things that are quick, easy and simple. There. I admitted it. I even have a bottle of eye makeup remover that has lasted me 3 years so far, that’s how little I use it!

But the other day, I realized that I had this giant bottle of excellent make-up remover from Science & Mer Paris sitting there going unused and ignored. So I thought I could gave it a try.

WHAT a revelation to have clean yet moisturized skin at the end of the day before going to bed, and without a single drop of that calcium-rich-skin-drying Paris water! With just a few cotton pads and about 2 full minutes, I have a fresh new face. I am making this my new habit. It gives my face a smooth and healthy texture at the end of the day and I feel like the fatigue from the day is erased off of my face (even if I still do feel it in my feet), and perhaps I CAN fight back some of those premature wrinkles before they install themselves for good, with just a little bit of patience and a quick, new and simple skin care routine.

This fabulous product is available on their site for under 15€! A great price for a great product. French made, makes it better.

(Delivery from their site is currently available only in Metropolitan France)

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