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Celebrate Halloween in the City of Lights

Post by Jenny Baily

 How To Celebrate Halloween in Paris

Ghost Tower
Photo : Leucippus (on Flickr) or here

Although not a typically French occasion, Halloween is a wicked excuse to coddle your creative side, and slip into something scary. If you’re keen to dress up and celebrate, there are still plenty of places to go to show off your costume. From ghost walks in the city’s old town to a spooky day out at Disneyland Paris, we’ve rounded up a list of the top Halloween hotspots to celebrate the late-October occasion.

Disneyland Paris

Halloween chez DIsney !
Photo by Play Like A Girl
Halloween à Disney avec copine d'amour - octobre 06
Photo by Play Like A Girl

If you have kids, or just fancy indulging your own inner child, you might consider spending your Halloween in Disneyland Paris. Not only does the theme park go all out with the spooky décor for the occasion, but there’s a Villain Parade that takes place each day throughout October, which showcases some of Disney’s most notorious baddies. For the fright of your life, be sure to stop by the park’s haunted house, Phantom Manor. Although it’s open all year-round, it’s busiest during the Halloween season, so be sure to get in line early.

The Paris Ghost Tour

The ghost walking on the path — by yazuu (flickr) or here

This 90-minute walk takes you deep into the heart of the city’s old town, telling you some of Paris’s most haunted stories that occurred in the area. From the ghost of Marie Antoinette to the The Rat Trap location (from the 2007 blockbuster Ratatouille), there’s a variety of spooky tales to soak up, making it the perfect night time adventure to experience with friends on the night of Halloween. The tour costs 20Euros and starts at 9pm every night except for Tuesdays.


Catacomb passage
Catacomb Passage by Hassan C (flickr)

The Catacombs of Paris, or the Municipal Ossuary, isn’t just an underground cemetery, it’s alsoone of the city’s most famous sites. The bone-chilling burial ground features more than 6-million skeletons carefully stacked on top of each other positioned directly underneath the city centre. The large network of tunnels dates back to the 18th century and allows you to walk through the two-metre-high underpass. Ideal for a Halloween day out, don’t worry if you’re scared of the dark as the passages are lined with lights to lead you on your way.

Costume Clad

For those who are still undecided on the costume front, or if you left part of your eerie ensemble at home, RD Plumes de Paris (26 Galerie Feydeau, 2nd) specialises in all sorts of headdresses, masks and feather boas. It’s the perfect place to frequent if you’d like to go as a zombie-style showgirl from the Moulin Rouge. For a more conventional costume shop, Au Clown Montmarte (22 Rue Faubourg Montmartre) is also a good address.

Me and Chéri in 2008 at the Bombardier’s Hallowen party (Guess who we went as!)

Halloween Pub Crawl

If you don’t have a party to go to and fancy getting in the festive spirit, join this year’s Halloween pub crawl from Sandemans New Europe. Tickets cost 26Euros with drinks specials on offer throughout the night, and there’s even a prize for best costume – so dress to impress!
If you’re looking for a place to stay on your spooky stint in Paris but can’t afford anything too luxurious, you’ll find many a discount code at, which will help you celebrate in Paris on a budget.

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