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Le Crillon, Jardin d’Hiver in the Summer

As Summer draws to a close I thought it would be nice to show you my favorite place to relax in Paris this season. The Crillon has one of the most tranquil, pretty and soothing places to sit quietly and enjoy a beverage with a friend or two. Le Jardin d’Hiver patio. Jardin d’hiver, means winter garden, but it’s my little escape in the Summer time.

Jardin d’hiver, Crillon – menu : photo by Lauren Cashwell

A “winter garden” in France usually means a covered patio, where you can feel like you are outside while still being protected from the winter cold and rain. The Jardin d’Hiver at the Crillon though is more than that. It is a plush lounge area with vlevet divans and arm chairs, chandeliers and marble side tables adorned with Baccarat crystal lamps. The space continues on outside into the courtyard where I like to go because it is exposed to the open skies with a giant white parasol awning protecting the guests from rain and other things that fall from the sky. Tastfully decorated with wrought iron chairs and tables with cream colored cushions and surrounded by foliage, sculptures, candles and a fausse pelouse on the ground so we feel like we are walking in a garden, this place is as quiet as if you were having tea at your grandmother’s coutry resort getaway. The sounds of the Paris streets are muffled to non existence by the monumental stone builing that surrounds this little haven, and the fact that there’s no ceiling gives an outlet to the soundwaves of surrounding conversations so yours is not polluted by other people’s chatter. This is where I like to go occasionally to treat myself to a little Summer stillness, a little balmy air calm. It’s a place where I can put on a pretty skirt, slip on my sunglasses and escape the world for an hour or two, preferably with a good friend!

Lauren Cashwell and Melissa Ladd

The Jardin d’Hiver is a place where you can have an apéritif, coffee or eat a snack or even have a meal if you wish. It’s a place to relax in a beautiful setting, an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Paris, a luxury treat that doesn’t take too much of my time or cash, and has the same calming effects for me as a 30 minute massage. If you are visiting Paris for just a short time and need a break from the mayhem of museum meandering, take an hour to feel prim and pretty in this lovely palace, or if you live here and you feel inclined to indulge once in a while, perhaps I will see you there from time to time!

Hôtel de Crillon
10, place de la Concorde
75008 Paris

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