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Monuments off the beaten path – Remnants of the wall of Philippe Auguste

Post by Jenny Bailey

enceinte philippe auguste
Image by : Aura Beckhofer-Fialho

Although you’ll want to check off the major Paris attractions from the old bucket list when in the French capital, be sure to save some time for the less notorious landmarks too, which unlike the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, aren’t packed with trails of tourists. Perhaps one of the city’s most overlooked excursions, The Remnants of the Wall of Philippe Auguste is not your typical Parisian landmark and offers its own history within the heart of the city.

The oldest urban wall in Paris, King Phillip II of France demanded a stone wall be built to protect the capital, and the Louvre Palace, in particular, against the English in the late 12th century. The structure is split into two parts – the Right Bank and the Left Bank, and today remnants of the barrier are scattered throughout the city.

Paristoric has mapped out a walking tour here :

The Right Bank
This part of the wall was completed in 1209 and was the most crucial angle to cover as the English were most likely to attack from the northwest direction. By the 16th century, the majority of the sturdy barrier was demolished, however, today the remains can be found in eight different spots throughout the area, but are now blended in with the more modern architecture, making it difficult to view. However, the most obvious sections of the wall are the sites where it was completely knocked down, as the evidence lies within the marks on the pavement. If you fancy staying nearby the right bank, be sure to check out these discount codes on cheap flights to Paris.

From :

The Left Bank
Based in the western side of the Seine, this 2500-metre-high section was constructed just after its counterpart to the right. This part of the wall also happened to be 100 metres lower as this side of the river was less threatened by invaders. Today there are 15 different sites throughout this side of the bank where you can check out the remainder of the structure. If you’re looking for places to stay nearby there are a number of Thomson discount codes on the MyVoucherCodes website.

Not only will you discover the rich history associated with the remnants, but it’s also a great excuse to see new parts of the city that you might otherwise have overlooked. Ideal for culture vultures, the sites not only make for an informative scavenger hunt, but provide a glimpse into a more local perspective of Paris away from the more commercial crowds.

Portion of the remains of the Philippe Auguste wall restored in 2010 . Accessible by 7 de la rue Clovis.


  1. Very cool. Lived a total of 8 years in France (4 in Versailles) and I have never seen this. We’ll have to do this with the kids on our next trip “home”.

    1. I agree…I’m enticed but instead of any inkling of where these various sites are there is just another ad to click on…frustrating!!!

      1. My apologies! My contributor Jenny makes a living off her writing, hence the ads. But I hear your complaint and will make one as soon as I can and post it on here. You are right…this post most certainly needs a map! How silly of me not to have realized this earlier.

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