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Light Repair in the City of Lights

P1120380 I love being able to get things repaired in France, rather than tossing them and buying something new. Back in the USA, when things stop working they are generally tossed out with the trash, and new things replace them. You can find most things there for rather cheap (if you like things Made In China). But, like bringing a pair of shoes to the cobbler to replace a broken heel, I prefer to get lamps repaired when they randomly stop working.

Cheri and I are sort-of lamp enthusiasts and hope to someday have a lovely little collection of retro lamps. We daydream about taking a trip to Berlin to hit all the little antique brocantes where there is apparently a plethora of lamps from yesteryear… We do have this one great art deco lamp that we got from a little brocante in the Marais a few years back, and I absolutely love it. It was at apparently one point a spot light for theater, perhaps used at the Opera de Paris, according what my light repair expert told us. It was embellished during the art deco period with the brushed glass balls and stand to make it function as a table lamp. And now it sits in our living room on top of a pile of old books. I was disappointed when it suddenly stopped working one day, but was not too surprised seeing how the electrical apparatus dated back a few decades. My lovely lamp repair lady fixed it for 35€. I can’t buy a new lamp for that price! Certainly not one like ours.

In addition to lamp repair the shop also carries ALL types of lightbulbs, some which can be hard to find.


And you can brows the small collection of repaired lamps for sale as well. OR! have her turn an object into a lamp (like the globe in the back of the photo).


29 Rue de Cotte 75012 Paris France

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