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Blog birthday number 2!

I can hardly believe it has been two years since I began this little blog. Time has literally flown by!

I will be celebrating by taking a much needed rest today, kicking my feet up, sipping a giant cup of tea and curling up with Chéri on the couch in front of a movie most likely. And if I am feeling ambitious, maybe make some lactose free cookies!

But for all of my lovely readers, I thought I would do a little reminiscing over my favorite articles from the past two years for those who would like to re-read or for those who have not discovered all of the archives yet. In return,  I would love to hear from all of you, which posts you have appreciated the most!

Bisous! And cheers to another great year of blogging!

My favorite Paris article : So many to chose from…how to pick my favorite!?! I think I am going to have to say it is “Spring in Paris” published on March 26, 2011 for it’s simplicity, beauty and it captures a moment in Parisian existence that is heart lifting…the first appearances of Spring. After long gray winters, many fully packed metro rides and heavy winter coats…there is finally a moment when Spring breathes new life into the city of Paris and the Parisians. We suddenly smile more at each other, café terraces fill with laughing faces and conversation, the birds start singing and there is the magic of the budding trees that seems to paint the city for yet another breath-taking season of Spring…


My favorite tourist friendly post : Obviously this one is the one about the free toilettes!!! “The Necessary” published on March 28, 2011. I still chuckle when I think of myself snapping photos in there!

My favorite Expat article : Another toss up…. oh how to chose! It’s hard to chose between “Mac Attack” published on February 20, 2011 relating a humorously frustrating  event in my life involving macarons of course; “To see or not to see…” published on March 11, 2011 and is a heartfelt rant about people who refuse cultural integration that brought up some very heated discussions; and “L’herbe est toujours plus verte dans le pré d’à côté” published on November 19, 2010 and touches on all the emotional stages that many expats in Paris go through. I am going to go for this last one, because not only was it written with humor, but it was also written under the intent of offering something to my expat readers to help the understand the emotions that fluster us all as we grapple with when trying to transplant our lives here in this ever-frustrating, ever awe-inspiring city.

My favorite rant : So then I suppose that favorite rant MUST go to “To see or not to see” because man that post got me a LOT of attention! 😉

My favorite fashion post : Without a doubt my favorite fashion post is about my friend Kasia Dietz and her hand bag designs. I love who she is, what she does, and I love her bags! May 8, 2011 “Kasia Dietz – a natural born artist“.

My favoite shoe post : This one is also an easy choice! Because master shoe maker, Vicente Rey, was so kind to agree to an interview with me, and I am very inspired by his creativity and his dedication to the work he does as opposed to making a giant market out of his talent. He works mostly on custom designs, he is a true artist. The article “Vicente Rey rayonne – Vicente Rey shines” was published on October 30, 2010.

My favorite luxury article : Oh boy… this is hard to chose. There are so many luxuries, big and small to experience her in the city of light! Between my post about the Serge Lutens boutique, “Serge Lutens – a voyage for the senses” published on January 3, 2011; my fun Louboutin post, “Prendre son pied- Get your kicks” from March 13, 2010; or “Best girlfriend date ever!” published on March 8, 2011 where I relate a fun and inexpensive girlie night out in Paris; and then my post “Bubbly at the Crillon” where my friend Milla and I indulged like princesses on champagne… Honestly I cannot chose.

My favorite food article : Another easy selection… “When your best friend is a foodie” published on March 31, 2011 because that was a meal made with so much love! and it was delicious!!!

Favorite Paris monument post : No monumental experience can top the one I had at the Opéra de Paris that I wrote about in my article : “Théâtre des rêves – Dream theater” published on May 6, 2010. It was literally a dream of mine to stand on that stage and do a pirouette. I still can hardly believe that I have been able to do that!!!!


  1. Happy blog birthday !!! Et bien moi je célèbre le fait d’avoir eu la grande chance de te rencontrer, tu es une personne adorable ! et j’espère qu’on aura plein d’autres occasions de se revoir !
    J’adore la façon dont tu “vois” Paris, c’est amusant de voir comment on peut voir cette ville avec des yeux complètement différents, tu la vois, fascinante et romantique et à travers tes “lignes” je me surprends à la découvrir autrement et je commence même à apprécier cette ville ! alors merci à toi !!!
    Have a nice week end, a nice blog birthday and, (I hope) see you soon !


  2. Happy Blog Birthday to Prête-moi Paris! Melissa, I really enjoyed all of those articles you mentioned in this post, especially “L’herbe est toujours plus verte dans le pré d’à côté” and the one about the toilets, something I obsess over here in Paris a wee (hehehe) bit. I have to say, based on that post, I did try out one of the public free toilets on the Quai de Valmy side of the Canal Saint Martin! I figured if you could do it, then I could, too. 🙂 You’ve had some really good ones the past couple of years, and I am glad you have kept the blog in motion! May you have many more blog birthdays to come. 🙂
    (an alien parisienne)

  3. Happy Year 2 to a fabulous Paris gal and blogger!! Great list of favorites! Honored to be your favorite fashion post 🙂

    Keep sharing your thoughts and inspirations!


  4. So happy I found this wonderful blog – it’s been such a good source of info for my time in Paris, and I’m sure that long after I’ve left, I’ll still be reading. Here’s to many more years!

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