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So, remember how recently I blogged about where to toss bags of excess clothing in Paris? Well, before I did that, I invited some friends over to rifle through it all, and take their pick. I called it a “troc party” which is franglais for “clothing swap”! 😉

So I prepared a few pretty nibbles and some refreshments, set up my living room as a make shift showroom (albeit sans special equipment), and sipped bubbly while we chatted. Milla of Not Just Another Milla, and Sion of Paris Imperfect came over to play dress up, and as Milla and I found, Sion was very fun to dress up. So we became instant stylists and she seemed to rock every outfit we could throw at her. Le sigh. So that called for a montage of photos, of course! I never like to miss a good fashion moment!!!

I also scored a great dress from Milla’s closet. Win!


Cashmire top, Kookaï sleaveless vest, H&M short pants, Zara shoes
VIntage dress and belt, Zara shoes

Minelli shoes


    1. Sh Thomas, thanks for the (rude) input but I think I’ll just stick to writing about whatever suits me. Don’t like it? Well then don’t read it silly! And keep rude comments to yourself or go over to youtube with the other haters.

  1. This afternoon was so much fun! I really enjoyed hanging out with you and Sion. At the time, my favourite ensemble Sion wore was the green but now, that black and white dress is killing it! Sion looks amazing!! Watch out Vogue!

  2. I just read Sion’s post about this, and scurried over here to see the rest of the pics. WONDERFUL! I love it! I am so impressed with how you and Milla styled Sion! What fun! Kudos to you both for giving Sion a little glam. 🙂

    (P.S. While I am here thinking about it, this is the recipe for the chestnut flour cake I told you about. I sub coconut milk for the crème fraîche, 1 for 1. If the link is not working, send me an email and I’ll pass it along to you that way. :))

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