Valerian Hughes AH11-12

During Haute Couture week at the beginning of July I stopped into the « atelier » or workshop of Valerian Hughes to check out his Fall-Winter 2011-2012 collection. It’s small but lovely.


On the top floor of a building on the Champs Elysées, guests mingled about with each other and the designer sipping champagne under the slanted rooftop walls, while waiting for the models to prepare for a mini défilé in the small space. It was cosy and intimate, and a bit sweltering under the hot tin Parisian roof.

But It’s always a pleasure for me to see the designers in their element at presentations like this. It’s much different than a grand catwalk or giant show room. Here friends, guests, journalists and bloggers all have direct access to the artist.

Eight pieces total were shown. His theme  is « Venus, star of the night » and it it looks sometimes like a step back in time, and sometimes completely modern, which is impressive that this kind of variation can be achieved in such a small collection.

Iris : Jacket in python and pencil skirt in satin silk and leather. I like the cinched waist and the skirted jacket with the tight fitting pencil skirt. A classic and classy silhouette. The python makes it feel a bit more modern and edgy :



Diane : With a generous fur collar and satin leather pleated vest in the back and a pencil skirt, this creation looks like it came right off a 1940’s magazine cover. All she’s missing is the cigarette stem and a few giant diamond rings :


Persephone : Satin silk in black with organza and silk flowers with black tulle. A very sultry piece, yet holds onto a more girly-feminine aspect with the silk and tulle flowers. But I bet that must itch on the skin all that tulle :


Luna : A kimono inspired long dress in a iridescent gray satin silk. So, the big bow is back huh? :


Aurore : Silver fox fur collar, with a silk skirt that is embellished with swaroswki crystals. I can image how soft that fur must feel against the bare skin….. This piece seems almost to lean towards racy with is non-existant back and revealing front. It brings the collection to a full circle of variety! :


Venilia : A bustier dress in dark gray silk satin and swaroswki crystals. A wide mermaid cut on the skirt and a slight scrunch just below the waist in front gives this gown a look that is très à la mode :


Venus : Midnight blue for the Venus, star of the night, with a python bustier and an organza bow, it’s sweet and slightly younger than most of the pieces of the collection.



The bride : Ivory silk satin with pleated quills of tulle, and a draped tulle and lace bustier and a veil bordered by crystals and lace… this bride is full of grace.




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