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Didit couture FW1112


Set in the sumptuous hotel Palace, le Crillon, Didit served Champagne at the entrance and handed out black boxes with a single red rose in it at the exit. The show also took it’s sweet time before starting. Hey this is luxury people, no one wants to rush you!

Soft classical music floated throughout the two gilded rooms where buyers, journalists, bloggers, friends of the designer and other ticket holders were seated. Plush square white leather stools were lined around the two rooms. The rooms were big enough to seats guests, a group of photographers in one corner and spectators and allow the models to walk, but small enough to allow for an intimate feel and a detailed look at the garments.

Each model walked slowly, again, no rushing, and stopped to pose amply for photographers and bloggers (as we seemed to all have been seated in the section where the pro photographers were) and we were happy to have plenty of time to snap full length shots and detailed zooms.

The collection focuses on light airy colors with a wide palette of textures. It is the translation of Didit Hediprasetyo’s interpretation of Debussy’s Clair de Lune, which evokes for him the “beautiful imperfections of the moon’s surface”. This collections emphasizes clean lines  that presents a “sharp personal elegance” that is as feminine as possible with penchant for modernity coupled with a “delicately twisted classicism”, (corseted tops put with pleated pants that taper at the ankle, asymmetry and pencil skirts).

My favorite personal touch of the collection is the lining that peeked out from the slits in the skirts, a bright fuchsia pink that compliments dramatically with the soft velvety greens and silvery whites.

Each piece tells a tale of a lady, a creature, sometimes swan-like, sometimes a flower, sometimes the image of a moon goddess… all are pure luxury.











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